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The Busy Creator Podcast with Prescott Perez-Fox

The Busy Creator Podcast is a discussion program where creative professionals from across the spectrum share tools, techniques, and habits they use in their practice. Listeners are introduced to strategies and pro tips to be their most creative, productive selves.

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Aug 31, 2015

Ben Elijah (@inkandben) is a consultant in the productivity sector and author of the book The Productivity Habits. In this conversation, we dig into the productivity sector as a whole, and discuss his origins as an author and as a not-very-productive person.

The Productivity Habits, by Ben Elijah

The Productivity Habits, by Ben Elijah

This episode is...

Aug 18, 2015

Cathryn Lavery (@CathrynLavery) is an architect-turned-designer, entrepreneur, and maker. After leaving architecture, she created Calm The Ham, where she designs and sells posters and other products. Cat's next project is The Self Journal, a printed, bound journal with templates to help you craft a productive morning...

Aug 10, 2015

Todd Henry (@ToddHenry) is an author, speaker, and creative consultant who has written three books, including his newest, Louder Than Words, available August 11, 2015.

Louder Than Words book

Todd Henry’s new book, Louder Than Words

Building on his previous writing efforts, Louder Than Words is aimed at creative professionals...

Aug 3, 2015

Angel Grablev (@AngelGrablev) is the CEO and Co-Founder of Freedcamp, an online project management and collaboration application. Angel began Freedcamp as a side project, but has since built a global distributed team, and now works full-time to improve project management for thousands of customers.

Our conversation...