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The Busy Creator Podcast with Prescott Perez-Fox

The Busy Creator Podcast is a discussion program where creative professionals from across the spectrum share tools, techniques, and habits they use in their practice. Listeners are introduced to strategies and pro tips to be their most creative, productive selves.

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Jun 2, 2014

TBC12 w/guest Will Hudson

The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 12 with guest Will Hudson

Will Hudson (@WillHudson) is the Co-Founder and Director of It’s Nice That, a publishing company that champions creativity across the world of art & design. Together with Prescott, he discusses how It’s Nice That began as an art school project and grew into a publishing empire cum creative agency in London. We also hear about Will’s productivity habits, and how he manages the assault of so much email.


Show Notes & Links


  • One sheet of A4 paper (double sided) for the week
  • Paper and Pen, to make sure.
  • Macs, with email.
  • Evernote
  • A3 sheet of paper for Editorial planning
  • Google Doc
  • Folders of screen-grabs
  • Highrise
  • Pocket (formerly Read It Later)


  • Mix old-school and new-school methods
  • T.R.A.P. your email (Toss, Reply, Action item, or Pass). Leave off the last P for procrastinate.
  • Pick up the phone to save time on Email
  • Have a Monday morning meeting with everyone. Keep it to under an hour.
  • Build a system that will be stressed down the road
  • Host editorial meetings to preview ideas and prioritize publishing order
  • Write your blog posts with future discovery in mind
  • Approach change positively, as a challenge, even when it’s from Facebook
  • Move email conversations to Twitter to keep them short


  • Do an hour’s work on the train during the morning commute; use the time to clean up thoughts and work through email
  • If someone emails you personally, respond. Even if it’s short.
  • Take a screenshot of your [company's] website everyday
  • Get the early start — 1.5 hrs in the office before everyone else arrives
  • Change your routine so you can see things differently, and re-evaluate priorities