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The Busy Creator Podcast with Prescott Perez-Fox

The Busy Creator Podcast is a discussion program where creative professionals from across the spectrum share tools, techniques, and habits they use in their practice. Listeners are introduced to strategies and pro tips to be their most creative, productive selves.

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Aug 25, 2014

The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 20 w/guest Josh Miles

The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 20, Building and Growing a Small Design Firm, w/guest Josh Miles

Josh Miles (@JoshMiles) founded Miles Design, an independent graphic design firm in Indianapolis, Indiana, after organically growing his freelance practice. Following some hi-profile work in a narrow sector, he’s grown his team to nine employees, taking care to build a healthy workplace culture along the way.

Miles Design team

Josh and his team at Miles Design

In this discussion, Josh shares some of the challenges for growing and maintaining a design business, as well as some of the tools and tactics he uses to keep the team in sync and doing great work.




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  • Bring in people who are better than you
  • Put workplace culture first, especially if you feel it’s missing. Maybe start over.
  • Give your team permission to fail. Allow them to present their work, come what may.
  • Invent company rituals. Celebrate small stuff.
  • Test new workflows and tools
  • Follow up with clients after 3 or 6 months to track results
  • Be known for one thing and be good at it


  • Arrive in the office early. Get stuff done before the gang arrives.
  • Head out early on Fridays as a team. Decompress together.
  • Take a few hours to work solo and clear things