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The Busy Creator Podcast with Prescott Perez-Fox

The Busy Creator Podcast is a discussion program where creative professionals from across the spectrum share tools, techniques, and habits they use in their practice. Listeners are introduced to strategies and pro tips to be their most creative, productive selves.

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Oct 26, 2015

Kitty Chan (@IMKittyChan) and Alice Chan (@AliceChan319) are twin sisters and co-workers at Procurify, an online software company based in Richmond, BC, Canada. The duo work together within the design team at Procurify, and have originated many of the company's creative workflows and protocols, grown the product and...

Oct 12, 2015

Betsy Helmuth (@BetsyHelmuth) is an interior designer & decorator in New York City. Her company, Affordable Interior Design, offers, well, affordable interior design. Over the years, she's designed rooms in over 1,000 apartments, as well as many offices and home offices.

In this conversation, we discuss some simple...

Oct 10, 2015

This bonus show is dedicated to Ethan Frederick Greene, my friend and a talented musician, who passed away September 13, 2015. Featured are a selection of Ethan’s composition work across multiple genres included electronica, chamber music, opera, ambient, and other bits that defy category.

For more about Ethan, please...